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Work experience


Education is for me a real passion. In last 24 years, I’ve worked- as a teacher, educator, special educational needs teacher, art therapist for children with different learning difficulties – with more than 500 children.ioprofesor

My research in the field of education are various: “Inventing stories: an effective way to stimulate socio-emotional development of children in kindergarten”, Musical and verbal message in lullabies“, What kind of teacher is Santa?”, “ Santa issues in Romania” .  

As an educator and therapist I was very sensitive to all the children who passed through moments of fear.

Using my childhood experiences, my academic studies and also my entire commitement to offer children and their parents effective tools, I’ve created the PAF method ( Partnership Against Fear ) and I’ve written several stories for children.


– Master‘s degree in Cultural Anthropology ( University Lyon2, France )

– Master’s degree in Art therapy ( University Paris5, France )

– Bachelor’s degree in Science of Education ( University Paris5, Faculty of Science of education Sorbonne, France )

– Associate degree in Developmental psychology ( University Paris5, France )