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Tomas, 5 years old, afraid of rain and storm

cauta copieDiagnosis:

Tomas is afraid of all kinds of rain. To be outside when it is raining is impossible for Tomas. Even if the water of the rain does not touch him, Tomas is crying, is clinging desperately to all adults, he begs God to help him. In order to defend himself against this fear Tomas uses only running strategies.


PAF Activities:

The whole family got involved in each step. Each family member proposed several activities whose degrees of difficulty were scalable.

Tomas’s mother proposed a photo activity. At step 1 and step 2 together with Tomas, she photographed puddles, storms, and different types of clouds. In step 3 she photographed Tomas and Tomas photographed her walking with an umbrella in the rain. In step 4 Tomas and his mother photographed the rain and they recorded the sounds of the rain. They used the best photos to make ​​a movie. The soundtrack of this movie was a mixture of rain and piano sounds and Tomas and his father compiled it. DSC_8881

Tomas’s grandfather brought books adapted to explain to children the different types of clouds, the importance of rain, the water cycle in the nature, etc. Grandfather organized several expeditions in the forest, and explained Tomas some secrets of mushrooms.

Tomas’s grandfather created a hidden “observing place” in the attic where him and Tomas “secretly” observed rain.

Tomas’s grandmother took him into the garden. She taught him how to use the sprinkler water according to the needs of each flower. Tomas planted some seeds and he was observing their growth.

Because he did not have much time, Tomas’s father was charged with simple games and tasks. Such as exploring the puddles from the garden, after the rain; participating in the competition of collecting raindrops; helping Tomas to compose his piano song about rain.

Every family member has organized expeditions through the rain, participated at the final party and at the Safari trip.


Benefits of the PAF project:DSC_8449

The whole adventure lasted a month. At the end, Tomas became good friends with the rain. In just one month his knowledge about the rain, about plants and nature has increased considerably. Tomas has learned to take pictures and record sounds. His creativity was strongly stimulated. It was the first time when he created a song. Tomas‘s confidence in himself and his abilities increased considerably. The ties with all his family’s members have become even stronger.

At the end of the adventure, Tomas‘s father told us that this experience allowed him to spend many great moments with his son. Tomas‘s mother told us that she learned new things, and his grandmother and grandfather said that they spent one of the happiest moments of their lives together.