The PAF Method – Partnership Against Fear

The PAF method is an educational 4 steps method to overcome children’s fear.


Based on a partnership between children and parents, this method proposes to construct/ build/ create healthy, effective patterns to overcome fears but also patterns which enable parents and children to tackle various difficult situations.

baietelsingurelThe PAF method covers both intellectual and emotional development of the child and stimulates his intelligence and creativity while also reinforcing his self confidence.  Many parents were amazed to discover that using the simple secrets simples keys, they were able to greatly improve the behavior, knowledge, talents, skills and creativity of their child.

The basic principles of the PAF method can be also used when the child has no self-confidence, when he is shy,  when you want to prepare him for the arrival of a new baby or for his first day of school!  The PAF method does not deal with phobia! 

Any parent can use the PAF method. No need to have a PhD in Educational science and in Psychology. No need to have expensive teaching materials. No need for a particular area or a particular time. It is enough to be a loving parent.  We will work with  your skills, your talents, yours hobbies and interests. You will be amazed about your treasure, about how great you can be!

The PAF method is not a “schooling” method, it is a great adventure.  An adventure in which you and your child will share joy, happy time, love!

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